Physiopedia T-Shirts – Campaign Collection

Have you seen what T-shirts we have available in our awesome Physiopedia Shop? By wearing one of these shirts it gives everyone the chance to promote physiotherapy throughout the world. We have a number of different T-shirts from various campaigns. Welcome to our Campaign Collection.

This is a famous slogan for a number of reasons. Firstly it was used in the Scottish referendum for independence and secondly it was coined for use in physiotherapy by Emma Stokes.

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This is a national campaign by the APTA to combat the opioid epidemic. The aim is to urge patients to use physiotherapy to combat pain instead of opioid analgesics and offer a safe and effect alternative. There is even a campaign website which is well worth checking out.

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This t-shirt is in collaboration with the APA and gets behind the APAs vision of offering physiotherapy as the leading allied health profession. I know that is something we can all get behind!

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For those of you that don’t know The social media session at WCPT2015  heralded the start of the #globalPT hashtag. Used to demonstrate the global nature of our profession and to unite our profession. It has gone on to have quite the impact. A recent article published in the European Journal of Physiotherapy  demonstrates that.

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Not just a campaign but a mantra for life, #JustKeepMoving highlights the importance of activity in keeping healthy no matter who you are. Incorporating movement and activity into patient or client management is a key component of professional physiotherapy practice.  Simply asking someone to “just keep moving” could make all the difference to their health and performance. Why not join the movement now?

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