Pharmacology and Physiotherapy: a New Course!

This course compliments the Pharmacology in Pain Management course which is also available on PP+.

As part of a subjective evaluation a physiotherapist will ask a patient about their medication use. How should this information be used in clinical decision making? Without understanding the effects of the medications our patients use, their physiotherapy treatment cannot be optimised. We need to understand the effects, side effects, potential drug interactions and how these will influence ideal physiotherapy management.

Aims and Outcomes of the Course

The course aims to provide you with an understanding of why it is important for the physiotherapist to understand how medication affects the body with a specific focus on antidepressants and exercise. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • explain why a physiotherapist should have knowledge of the side effects and interactions of the medications a patient is taking
  • describe 4 physiological effects of antidepressants in relation to exercise and therapy
  • describe the cause and 10 signs and symptoms of serotonin syndrome

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Not sure it is for you?

It is understandable that you might be feeling apprehensive about stepping into an extra-curricular area for physiotherapists but don’t worry. We won’t be teaching you anything unethical which is outside of your scope of practice and clinical governance. If you’d like a taster on what to expect why not  watch this interview we featured on physiospot last year.

Jacqueline Reznik and Joanne Morris Talking Pharmacology for Physios