Where We Have Been & Where We Are Going: Content Analysis of Articles in the Journal of Women’s Health PT

The objective of this study was to examine the type and content of Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy (JWHPT) publications over the last decade.

Component sections, such as the Section on Women’s Health (SoWH) of the American Physical Therapy Association provide content expertise to areas of specialty physical therapist practice, thereby supporting the dissemination of evidence for physical therapists to use. Closely aligned with the mission of the SoWH, JWHPT provides evidence reflecting this practice area. The purpose of our analysis was to examine publications within JWHPT to determine how closely JWHPT is meeting the mission and focus of section members.

The authors used established bibliographic methodology to code and review manuscripts published online between 2005 and 2015 in JWHPT using established domains (article type, participant type, research design, study purpose, and area of focus). Total publications and proportion of publications based on domain were described. Impact by citation and author was examined using bibliometric software.

Eighteen percent of the items published in JWHPT were original research papers submitted for the first time. Of those papers, the primary study design was cross-sectional experimental research, most commonly studying interventions. The primary practice area reported was management of incontinence. They suggest that a continued need to increase efforts for the submission and publication of a greater proportion of randomized controlled trials and metric articles.