Effects of elastic band exercise on lean mass and physical capacity in older women with sarcopenic obesity

Sarcopenia is associated with loss of muscle mass as well as an increased risk of physical disability in elderly people. This study was aimed to investigate the effect of elastic band resistance training (ERT) on muscle mass and physical function in older women with sarcopenic obesity.

A randomized controlled trial with an intention-to-treat analysis was conducted. A total of 56 women (mean ± SD age 67.3 ± 5.1 years) were randomly assigned to the experimental group receiving 12 weeks of ERT and to the control group receiving no exercise intervention. Lean mass (measured using a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometer), physical capacity (assessed using the global physical capacity score), and a 36-item short form questionnaire were conducted at the baseline examination (T0), as well as the 3-month (T1) and 9-month followups (T2)

. At T1 and T2, the between-group difference was measured in total skeletal mass relative to T0, with mean differences of 0.70 kg (95% CI 0.12-1.28; P < 0.05) and 0.72 kg (95% CI 0.21-1.23; P < 0.01), respectively. Similar results were found in muscle quality, physical capacity, and physical function outcomes. The ERT exerted a significant beneficial effect on muscle mass, muscle quality, and physical function in older women with sarcopenic obesity.