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We’ve been working really hard behind the scenes already this year and is there a better way to kick off 2018 than with some CEUs? Well probably, but we do make it fun and you can get these CEUs in your own time and in your own home. As if that wasn’t a good enough reason to give it a go, we will let you try this course for free with a trial account.

What is the Global Health Course?

The concept of Global Health has been defined in various ways. Beaglehole and Bonita (2010) define Global Health as, “collaborative trans-national research and action for promoting health for all.” It has also been defined as, “an area for study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide. Global health emphasises transnational health issues, determinants and solutions; involves many disciplines within and beyond the health sciences and promotes inter-disciplinary collaboration, and is a synthesis of population-based prevention with individual-level clinical care.”

Sounds complicated? Well putting it simply, Global Health is a subject that is becoming more recognised within the Physiotherapy profession. Growing numbers of our colleagues are seeking to have greater impact and influence on policy, guidelines and research than ever before.

This course will explore Global Health and consider the role of the Physiotherapist.  What is Global Health, why it is important, what are the biggest Global Health challenges and how do we measure it?  We will also consider the role of the Physiotherapist and how we can contribute to meeting future global health needs.

There is a lot of great content within this course contributed by internationally respected colleagues such as Emma Stokes, Mike Landry and Veronika Schoeb. Be prepared to be inspired and continue to drive our profession forwards on the global stage.

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If you live in the US then the course is worth 10 CCUs (in ProCert states), and if you live in SA then it is worth 16 CEUs. Incredibly this is available for free if you sign up to PP+ for a trial account.

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