Let’s Work Together to Promote Physical Activity. The WHO 2nd Draft.

The WHO Global Action Plan to Promote Physical Activity – 2nd Draft – Available to Read Now.

This is why combating physical inactivity is such a high priority for health organisations worldwide including the WHO. Early last year the World Health Organisation drafted an initial global action plan to combat physical inactivity around the globe.  In August and September last year a worldwide consultation on this initial draft took place. Over 120 submissions from member states and international experts were received and they are available to read on the WHO website.

Informed by the feedback received, the WHO Secretariat has prepared an updated Draft 2 of the global action plan for submission to the Executive Board 142nd Session in January 2018.

Read the 2nd Draft Global Action Plan Here

Physical inactivity has a major health effect worldwide. It has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths globally. Of the deaths attributable to physical inactivity, 2.6 million are in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). While physical inactivity is more prevalent in high- and middle-income countries, even in low-income countries it is among the top ten risk factors contributing to death.

Physio’s have always had a close relationship with exercise, the profession was founded on the work of remedial gymnasts and the profession has a rich history of prescribing rehabilitative exercise. Despite this, literature on physiotherapy as promoters of physical activity, is scant.

The global physical inactivity crisis, and the epidemic of life-style related diseases (non-communicable diseases or NCDs) has created an urgent need to build on our rich history of prescribing exercise and develop our approaches for prescribing physical activity. Creating a more active population requires joined up thinking and action from many stakeholders; physio’s need to be active in engaging with individuals and communities.

We all have a role in promoting physical activity regardless of which specialty you work in, what’s yours?