Blogging is a Powerful Tool and We Need You!

We want physiotherapists and physical therapists to share their unique opinions on issues that are shaping the global physiotherapy community.

By offering their perspective on the latest developments in clinical practice, Contributors to Physiospot’s Voices Column use their expertise to provide context to emerging trends and ask questions that challenge how we think about physiotherapy.

Our Contributors are students, clinicians and researchers from all around the world. They talk about the future of physiotherapy, their favourite mobility exercises and how virtual reality is changing how we treat patients. They discuss the real-world management of complex conditions and explore the cost of care. At their core, they’re motivated by improving global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge.

Take a look at this post by Darren Brown to see an example of the amazing work our contributors do.

HIV and Exercise – the Research and Reality

How do I become a contributor?

Submit a story to our Physiospot Editor and any photos or videos that complement your copy. We’re looking for clear and engaging writing on topics that physiotherapists will find intriguing. Tell us something that you think other physiotherapists should know about. Tell us stories that will surprise our readers.

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Benefits of being a contributor

The benefits of being a Contributor — exposure and influence in our ever-growing community of peers — will help you build your brand while contributing to the profession. It’s a chance to increase your credibility and establish yourself as a trusted voice in the physiotherapy community. It’s also a great way to let current and future clients, business partners and collaborators see your ability to explain complex issues and promote the profession.

Contribute a minimum of one post per month and we’ll give you free access to Physiopedia Plus, our online learning portal which offers four-week courses and access to hundreds of online resources such as books and technique videos.

Do you teach a course on physiotherapy? We’ll promote that too! Your content, including links to your website, social media profiles, and textbooks that you’ve written will be promoted regularly on Physiopedia’s social media channels, email newsletters and website.

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