ICYMI – October

I don’t know about you but this month seems to have been my busiest yet. With work changing, Uni ramping up, and other commitments, my time seems to becoming more and more scarce. It’s becoming difficult to fit in time to spend reading and learning about things I find interesting, not just out of necessity. This is why I thought it would be a great idea to condense the best 5 posts on Physiospot each month into one place. This way you know you can always rely on something to help streamline your CPD focus. Each month there will be a varied selection of posts for you to read and learn from. Hopefully there will be something for everyone! Enjoy.

HIV and Exercise – the Research and Reality

Ken Olsen Discusses All Things Cervical Spine and Manual Therapy

5 Surprising Truths about Physical Therapy Direct Access

The effectiveness of physiotherapy interventions for sacroiliac joint dysfunction: a systematic review

Cauda Equina Syndrome- an Update by the Experts

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Pharmacology and Physiotherapy

This online course will review the effects, side effects, potential drug interactions and how these will influence ideal physical therapy management with a specific focus on antidepressants and exercise.

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