An App to Diagnose Concussion

Pupil Screen is a new app which is able to help diagnose concussion anywhere.

Traumatic head injuries and concussions require rapid specialist assessments to give the injured person the best chance of recovery. Often the barriers to appropriate management is misdiagnosis, delayed presentation or not having the specialist knowledge or equipment required to perform an adequate assessment. Thanks to a new app created at the University of Washington this is about to change.

With recent media coverage in the U.S highlighting the risk football players have of acquiring a brain injury, the app was designed with pitch side assessments in mind. All you need is a smartphone with a flash, the PupilScreen box and 3 seconds. The app works by analysing a persons Pupillary Light Reflex (PIR) and initial research shows positive results. It looks like it could rival the next best tool currently used: the SCAT5.

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