My Sweet Experience

Last week we shared an experience from one of our new volunteers who took part in the volunteer course. This week we will share Fasuba Ayobami’s experience.

My sweet experience just concluded with the volunteer course.

It was a great privilege to be one of the participants of the just concluded volunteer course. The volunteer course is a mandatory preparatory programme for individuals (Prospective volunteers) that want to be part of Team Physiopedia (Team PP) with the primary aim to contribute their time and resources for the growth of Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) Profession.

The journey started months ago when Physiopedia humbly made a request to the public for financial assistance. I was moved and deeply touched but I couldn’t donate generously because of my limited financial resources. It was a sad moment for me because I have enormously benefitted from Physiopedia via their MOOCs. What a wakeup call! Immediately, I surfed through their website and saw a better opportunity to show my simple act of giving but in another way. Hence, I became an intending volunteer and then enrolled.

In June, I received a mail as a reminder and to confirm my position if I am still interested in the volunteering role with Physiopedia. With great joy in my heart, I responded swiftly. So far, the course is fantastic, fabulous and very interactive. It is a four (4) week programme. Each week, participants were presented with assignments and activities, which is self-paced but must be completed within the time frame. It is quite interesting, fascinating but challenging. You need to read, surf the internet for articles and write/type as the case may be.

Permit me to share lessons learnt from this sweet experience of mine;

  • To be successful, you need to be convinced, determined and challenged with positive attitudes and actions.
  • No man is an island, you need a team to succeed.
  • Develop the habit to continually improve yourself.
  • Learn to be part of something be it a good course (purpose) or ideas irrespective of the size, location, distance and barriers.
  • The world is a global village and Tech is the trend, join the moving train.
  • Be Proactive.

In conclusion, Steven R. Covey stated in his book, 8th Habit, ‘……if you find your voice, inspire others to find theirs.’ Once again, a big thanks to Rachael Lowe and her beautiful team!

The volunteer course runs twice a year in the spring and the autumn. It is 4 weeks long and at the end you will become confident with creating and editing content for the worldwide community. Not only that, you will have the opportunity to develop key professional skills such as digital skills, social media skills and professionalism. It is suitable for any Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist, all we ask in return is your intention to commit to a volunteer role.

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