A Unique Opportunity Awaits.

Are you keen on making sure the WCPT has a structure which is fit for purpose?

The WCPT is commissioning a project to review the governance of the WCPT. It is anticipated that this will lead to the drafting of new governance structure of the WCPT (Articles of Association). Once endorsed by the WCPT Executive Board the new Articles of Association will be submitted to the WCPT General Meeting for approval in May 2019.

To support and guide this work WCPT is convening a Governance Review Expert Working Group (GR-EWG), which will be made up of physical therapists from around the world. Ideally candidates will have the appropriate experience, knowledge and skills to be a part of this group over a 12 month period.


If you have any of the following skills you are in an ideal position to apply to be a part of the working group.

  • Relevant experience and familiarity with WCPT e.g. previous attendance on more than one occasion to a General meeting.
  • High level governance experience within their home country. Ideally this will be within a national membership organisation but not necessarily the WCPT member organisation.
  • A commitment to the international exchange of information.
  • Sensitivity to/recognition of international differences in practice, education, professional needs and culture.
  • The support of your WCPT member organisation.
  • An ability to work in English.

Terms of Reference

How to ApplyIf you want to serve as chair or a member of the working group you should submit a covering letter and CV, as well as letter of support from their member organisation to [email protected] (CEO of the WCPT).

The deadline is 13th October 2017 with notification to applicants on their success by 3rd November.