APTA Awards Now Open for Nominations

Physical therapists achieve amazing things and enable people to achieve independence once again. It is important we celebrate that.

The APTA Honors & Awards program is now accepting nominations for the 2018 awards cycle which includes a new award, the Humanitarian Award. The APTA Humanitarian Award recognizes members “who exemplify the compassionate nature of the physical therapy profession by actively expressing a commitment to humanity and exhibiting admirable degrees of selflessness in addressing key health concerns”. To be eligible for the Humanitarian Award the nominee must be an active APTA member and must have a record of humanitarian service for at least a year prior to nomination.

Alongside the Humanitarian Award there are many other awards that can be won, so make sure you check the list and consider who you know that deserves to win.

Honors & Awards List

The deadline for nominations is the 1st of December 2017 with the awards ceremony taking place in Orlando on June 27th-30th.