Jacqueline Reznik and Joanne Morris Talking Pharmacology for Physios

This post includes two interviews about pharmacology and physiotherapy practice. This is a hot topic at the moment and we hope these interview help you understand why.

Jacqueline Reznik is co-author of the recently published Pharmacology Handbook for Physiotherapists“, and has 50 years of experience working as a physiotherapist. She is a neurology specialist and has worked in some amazing places at times of great trauma, such as Israel during Yom Kippur. In recent times she has worked as a lecturer in Australia and is now heavily involved in research.

From a young age Jacqueline was exposed to medicines as her father was a pharmacist. She has always been aware of the implications of medications and physiotherapy practice. This interview is full of vivid anecdotes from throughout her career. They all demonstrate why an understanding of how drugs affect the body, is essential for all physiotherapists.

The book, which has been reviewed, is jam packed full of experts (including a Doctor and Physiotherapist in each chapter). This will enable you to feel empowered to work alongside our medical colleagues and enhance patient outcomes in all areas of our profession. As Jacqueline explains, sometimes we as physiotherapists are well placed to discover positive and negative effects from medications, and discuss them with the interdisciplinary team. To find out more watch the interview below and don’t miss out on the top tips from Jacqueline.

Joanne Morris is also co-author of the same book. She is a UK trained Physiotherapists and has a MSc in biomechanics and emigrated to Australia in 2004. Currently Joanne works in a busy ED and orthopedics department in Canberra and is also doing a PhD on the topic of cost/benefit of physiotherapy led triage.

Pharmacology has been a central part of her project work in recent years. The project has been around building competency frameworks in a musculoskeletal setting for advanced practitioners. After a foray into physiotherapy education around the topic of pharmacology, she was well suited to co-author the book. During the interview Joanne explains why adding a formal competency framework to physiotherapy education and clinical practice will benefit patient outcomes in all specialties.

Physiospot will be covering more about pharmacology and physiotherapy practice over the coming months through a voices post.

Pharmacology Handbook for Physiotherapists

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