Dr Janne Veerbeek on Predicting Functional Outcomes in Stroke

A stroke occurs when there is interruption of the blood supply to the brain caused by ischemic or hemorrhagic changes. According to the WHO, 15 million people a year suffer from this tragic event leading to changes in muscular power and tone, impaired co-ordination and reduced independence. Thanks to Physiotherapy, people who have had strokes regain their independence, become stronger and adapt to life with altered co-ordination.

This is only possible if the person receives the right intervention at the right time based on the type of stroke the person has had. Dr Janne Veerbeek is a stroke specialist physiotherapist who is an expert in predicting functional outcomes post stroke. Watch this interview to hear Dr Veerbeek explain the intricacies of her research and discover the power of simple and basic physiotherapy assessment skills.

Learn how to target your rehabilitation based on early outcomes post stroke, and enable your patients to maximise their functional potential.

Learn more about Dr Veerbeek by reading her research profile, her systematic review as well as LinkedIn.