Queen’s University & Physiopedia Project a Great Success

Some of the best work on Physiopedia has been created by physiotherapy students who have taken part in our Educational Projects. For students the projects offer an opportunity to create lasting resources for others on a global scale, for educators it offers an opportunity to involve their students in the knowledge creation process. This is a unique opportunity and students are often as excited about the projects as we are.

Put simply students create resources in Physiopedia based on the content of their module or course content. This then demonstrates their understanding of a topic as well as contributing to this professional resource. The projects can provide opportunities for students to practice reviewing and disseminating literature related to current guidelines in a contemporary way. It is an interactive forum between educators and students allowing collaboration, and exposure to international learning opportunities. It really is a creative and unique way to develop academic skills such as reflection, critical assessment, writing and referencing skills.

Recently 79 students at Queens University in Ontario, Canada, took part in a project which formed part of the “Neuromotor Function II” course in the 1st year of the MScPT programme. Students, in small groups of 3-5, chose topics which related to neurological conditions which cause movement problems in adults. They then created new pages and updated existing articles on the topic.

Some awesome content was created with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy  and Lewy Body Disease  both being stand out examples. Overall 17 new pages were created and they can all be seen on the project homepage – they are well worth a look.

Don’t take our word for the success of the project, Dr Norman herself agrees it was a worthy part of her course. Physiopedia is a community, it is a resource for all and the projects on Physiopedia show how we collaborate with educational institutions and institutions collaborate with their students.

We have plenty of resources to help you set up and create a project of your own, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Click on the button to get involved and help transform your students into tech-friendly, content creating, future proof physiotherapists!

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Thank you to Dr Norman and Queen’s University, to find out more about their MScPT programme follow this link. The School of Rehabilitation Therapy offers a twenty-four month program in Physical Therapy leading to a professional Master of Science (PT) degree. Their mission is to provide an outstanding learning environment for the education of future physical therapy professionals. With critical enquiry and evidence-based practice as the foundation, the program promotes the acquisition of advanced academic knowledge, skills and behaviours that are essential for a primary health care provider in a complex and continually evolving health care environment. The overall aim of the program is to ensure that the graduate has the ability to provide leadership within a changing health care environment and acquire the essential competencies of a practicing physical therapist.