KineMan Complements the PP Anatomy Project

Learning and understanding the anatomy of the human body is challenging. It is one thing remembering all of the muscle and joints they act on, but it is another thing being able to apply this knowledge to understand how treatments work.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to cadavers whilst at University. Being able to see joints moving when exposed is a great learning opportunity. Don’t worry if you haven’t got access to cadavers there are many excellent virtual-type educational tools to help you visualise the human body moving. One such great example is KineMan.

Kineman is a new 3D web application skeleton which allows you to move the joints of the body by clicking and dragging on the skeleton in any direction. You can then view the changed joint position from any angle, furthermore you can change multiple joints at a time to create poses.

The level of detail is great and you can really get to grips with how joints move in a complex position such as during manipulations and manual therapy.

Kineman compliments the Anatomy Project on Physiopedia extremely well. Make sure you read the pages to learn the fundamentals first to make the most of this great application.