The Bangkok Declaration

As Physios/PTs, movement and exercise is our core belief. Through exercise we help people combat depression, obesity, joint pains, stress and let them do the things which make them happy, allow them to thrive and enjoy life. Sadly evidence is pointing towards the global population becoming more inactive and suffering the consequences of lifelong NCDs (learn more here).

The WHO has been aware of this issue for the past decade and they have been encouraging health departments all of the world to act now. In 2004 they released their Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health and have since built upon this with the 2013 Global Action Plan on NCDs. Exercise and physical activity featured heavily in both documents and both compliment our profession greatly. We are the exercise experts after all.

ISPAH (The International Society for Physical Activity & Health) have been integral to the push for people to become more active and to take part in regular exercise, Alongside them, the WHO are a powerful ally in the fight against inactivity.

This is demonstrated by the recent Bangkok Declaration on Physical Activity & Health which aims to:

  • advocate for investment and actions at country, regional and global levels
  • provide a case for partnerships with sectors inside and outside of health
  • detail six actions which could advance progress toward achieving WHO targets of increasing physical activity and reducing NCD burden by 2025
  • contribute to mitigating climate change, reducing inequalities and supporting more sustainable cities and communities in a rapidly urbanising world.

Use the BKKD in your practice, teachings and advocacy, share it far and wide.

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