WCPT Launches World Physical Therapy Day Toolkit

Infographics,  postcards and booklets are available to help you get people moving!

The WCPT has launched the toolkit for World Physical Therapy Day 2017. The theme this year is ‘Physical activity for life’ which is emphasising the importance and role of physical therapists in supporting people of all ages to keep moving.

This year’s toolkit focusses on how physical therapists help people to achieve activity goals through advice and exercise programmes.

“World PT Day is an opportunity to recognise the fantastic work that physical therapists do for their patients and community. We recognise that World PT Day is a time of great celebration for the physical therapy community, and encourage all member organisations to download the toolkit and start planning events and activities to showcase how we keep people physically active for life.” – WCPT Chief Executive Jonathon Kruger.

World Physical Therapy Day takes place on 8th September. WCPT encourages member organisations to organise events, publicity and campaigns which celebrate the global physical therapy community.

The toolkit demonstrates how physical therapists can help keep people of all ages active, including World Health Organization recommendations for moderate and vigorous activity, and a range of research and reports showing the benefits of physical activity in maintaining health.

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