Don’t Miss the New PP+ Features!

We are always working hard to improve your Physiopedia Plus experience, recent new features include a feature that lists course accreditations and a page where you can access all your certificates.

The list of courses on PP+ continues to grow and the quality of our courses is recognised around the world. This means that many of our courses are becoming accredited by organisations such as FSBPT, the SASP, TPTA and the WCPT. This list is going to grow and it can already be difficult to keep track of which courses are certified in different Countries and/or States and where all your course completion certificates are. But don’t worry we have a solution!

Course accreditations

Image showing the accreditation of physiopedia plus course for physiotherapy and physical therapyWe have added a new course accreditations page in PP+. This page shows which courses have been accredited and how many points each course is worth. This will enable you to easily identify courses that will help you reach your continuing education and professional development requirements. Use the filters at the top of the page to search by course or by accrediting organisation.

See all accredited courses

Course certificates

physiopedia plus course completion certificateOnce you’ve completed a course you will receive a certificate with your name and date of completion on. These certificates are essential to prove that you have completed the course, however they are easy to misplace. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find them. That’s why we’ve added, a second, new feature. Here you can find all of your completed course certificates which can be downloaded whenever you need them.

See your course certificates

We hope you find these new features helpful.  As always feedback is welcome, especially as (following the Physiopedia update) we are now working hard on the Physiopedia Plus update!