Former Paralympian Encourages Disability Organisations to enter World Cerebral Palsy Day Awards.

Leon Taylor, a former Paralympic Footballer from Chaddesden in Derby is urging disability organisations to enter the inaugural World Cerebral Palsy Day Awards.

Leon (interviewed by Rachael last year) was born with the condition which predominantly affects the right side of his body and strives to help others with the condition to realise their sporting potential through his work as an Ambassador for the charity Cerebral Palsy Sport.  Last year he was invited to become the UK representative on the World CP Day Committee.

Commenting he said, “World CP Day has been celebrated each October since 2012 and as a person who has lived with the condition since birth I am proud to be the spokesperson for the work of the World CP Day committee in the UK.

He added “This year I am delighted to announce details of the inaugural World Cerebral Palsy Day Awards.  They serve as an opportunity to promote six key areas for change, which have been identified as the biggest barriers for people with Cerebral Palsy worldwide”.

He concluded “I look forward to judging the entries along with my fellow colleagues who sit on the World CP Day committee”.

  • The Six categories for the inaugural World Cerebral Palsy Awards are as follows;
  1. Public Awareness – Putting an end to ignorance and the stigma it can create, by building a true understanding of what CP is (and is not). The objective is nothing less than to create cultural change so that everyone in a society embraces people with CP as brothers, sisters and full citizens.
  2. Civil Rights – Ensuring that government officials at the local, regional and national level will move beyond passing proclamations, and take concrete action to guarantee that our basic rights, our full citizenship and our individual opportunities are real and cannot be taken away.
  3. Medical/Therapeutic – The very best information for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of CP so doctors and therapists can make better decisions earlier in the process and provide everyone with CP the best possible assistance in living the fullest possible life.
  4. Quality of Life – The most useful advice, support and inspiration for our community, our families and others who help us. Not just to help each of us ‘survive’ the challenges, but to ensure we all thrive and can find enjoyment and fulfilment in life.
  5. Education – Helping all educators create an experience that will encourage the broader community to embrace people with CP, and provide an education to members of the CP community that is equal to that of every other citizen of the societies in which we live.
  6. Contribution – Each of us has a unique ability to contribute economically, artistically, socially and/or politically. Not being able to make that contribution is not just a matter of personal loss; it is a matter of robbing our entire society and culture of something that is essential to its ability to flourish.

There is a total prize pool of $US 20,000:

  • Major Awards (up to 6): $US 2,000 in each of the 6 categories
  • Minor Awards (up to 8): $US 1,000 across the 6 categories

Major award winners will also receive a World CP Day Award plaque and be featured in a video and written case study on the World CP Day website.

Applications must be submitted by 30th June 2017, with the winners announced on World CP Day (6th October 2017)

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