New Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) Advice for Managing Low Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal a person suffers from, with around 75% of people having a bout at some time during their lifetime. Frequently the pain becomes chronic and can become very difficult to manage as health beliefs and treatments often become less effective.

To prevent the pain from becoming chronic good patient education is essential and the sooner the better. It can be difficult to provide concise information which is relateable to non-clinicians and that isn’t delivered by leaflet. Thankfully the CSP have published a great new video which does just that.

Always remember:

  1. Your back is stronger than you think
  2. You rarely need a scan and it can do more harm than good
  3. Avoid bedrest, stay in work and gradually resume normal activities
  4. You should not fear bending or lifting
  5. Exercise and activity reduce and prevent back pain
  6. Painkillers will not speed up your recovery
  7. Surgery is rarely needed
  8. Get good quality sleep
  9. You can have back pain without any damage or injury
  10. If it doesn’t clear up, seek help but don’t worry

Just in case not having a leaflet option makes you uncomfortable, don’t worry, there is one to compliment the video.