Welcome Andrews Tawiah to the Team

Please welcome Andrews to the Physiospot team.

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Andrews is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta (Canada). He holds a Physiotherapy degree from the University of Ghana and masters degree in Health and Rehabilitation from the University of Southampton (UK). The focus of his doctoral study centers on developing a framework for Advanced Practice, but he also has an interest in Health Care Economics, Economic Evaluation of Health Care, Global Health and Health Policy Development.

During Andrew’s master’s degree he learnt about Advanced Practice with injection therapy, hence the PhD focus on developing a framework for Advanced Practice. Back in Ghana he partnered with an orthopedic surgeon and delivered advanced MSK assessment for patients with Knee OA.

Away from work, Andrews is a proud supporter of Chelsea Football Club and a highlight of studying in the UK was being able to watch a game at Stamford Bridge. Sadly Chelsea lost.

Andrews will be sharing his experience and knowledge on the challenges facing developing countries in their bid to strengthen rehabilitation and attain universal health coverage.

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