NEW Stroke Course Update

On the 1st of May PP+ members will have access to the updated Stroke Course. Don’t miss out it is one of our most popular resources!

A stroke occurs when there is interruption of the blood supply to the brain caused by ischemic or hemorrhagic changes. According to the WHO, 15 million people a year suffer from this tragic event leading to changes in muscular power and tone, impaired co-ordination and reduced independence. Thanks to Physiotherapy, people who have had strokes regain their independence, become stronger and adapt to life with altered co-ordination.

This is only possible if the person receives the right intervention at the right time. The intervention is only effective if it is chosen based on the location and type of stroke the person has had. This can be difficult to know but thankfully, thanks to the Stroke Course on PP+, all the learning you need is in one location. What is even better is that the course has been updated to include all of the latest developments in understanding and managing people who have had a stroke.

The course aims to provide an overview of stroke practice allowing you to develop a foundation of knowledge enabling you to become the best clinician possible. You will obtain a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology, clinical presentation, assessment and treatment of stroke according to the latest evidence. The outline includes:

  1. Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Anatomy, and Clinical Presentations
  2. Assessment of Stroke including Outcome Measures
  3. Management of Stroke including Clinical Guidelines
  4. Specific Therapeutic Interventions including Gait, Upper Limb

In order to complete this course and receive a course completion certificate you will need to:

  1. abide by the Physiopedia Plus Community Culture
  2. log as completed all the required reading and video viewing activities
  3. actively participate in the course forum discussions
  4. pass a final quiz with a score of 80% or more
  5. complete a course evaluation form

Aim to complete all of the learning and tasks over 4 weeks expecting to set aside 4-6 hours each week to get the most from the content. It’s not going to be easy, we’ll expect you to work hard for your completion certificate and PP+ points! You won’t be sitting back and watching webinars, we’ll expect you to reading tasks, complete quizzes, perform literature searches and other learning activities. You’ll need to reflect on your own experiences and contribute them within the discussion forum, this is where we can learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge from all around the world!

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