Changes in foot plantar pressure in pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes many hormonal and anatomical changes causing several medical problems as the musculoskeletal system problems. The objective of this study was to investigate the plantar pressure distribution during pregnancy.

All 22 female participants were evaluated by inspection regarding their deformities of the spine, pelvis, lower extremities and feet. Pain was assessed by the Visual Analog Scale (VAS), and the weight and height were recorded using a calibrated weighing scale. Finally, the plantar pressure distribution was examined by a Global Postural Analysis device (GPA).

The results revealed significant asymmetry of weight bearing in the study group (pregnant) compared to the control group (non-pregnant) (p> 0.05). In addition, there was a significant increase in pain intensity in the study group (p= 0.02). On the other hand, the results showed a non-significant difference between study and control groups regarding the three points of pressure (calcaneus, 1st metatarasal and 5th metatarsal) (p> 0.05). Moreover, there was a significant direct relationship between the month of pregnancy and increased weight bearing on the 5th metatarsal in the study group (p= 0.04). There is an effect of pregnancy on plantar pressure distribution as well as weight symmetry which should be considered when designing an antenatal program.