The NHS & The Headlines

Physiopedia and Physiospot readers come from all over the world and all work within different healthcare settings. Perhaps by understanding each others national healthcare systems we can unite to problem solve our frustrations.

Everyday people in the UK and around the world are told that on one hand that the NHS is failing and doesn’t have enough money but also, somehow at the same time, that it is working and does get enough money. It can get quite confusing and because of this the issue never reaches a moment of clarity.

This piece written by Siva Anandaciva for the King’s Fund entitles NHS myth-busters does a fantastic job at explaining a lot of the myths surround the NHS at the moment.

Does the news surrounding the NHS confuse any of our readers? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try and clarify things for you.

Does the idea of clarifying a process map of physiotherapy around the world appeal to you?