Jane Baker Explores the Foot and Ankle

The first section of the foot and ankle course was on Monday the 6th of March. Available to PP+ members it is not too late to sign up!

Jane Baker is a foot and ankle specialist who has over 20 years experience treating musculoskeletal injuries in a variety of places and contexts. In the early part of Jane’s career she spent time working in America and then as a veterinary physio on her return the the UK. For 3 years she was a split human/animal physio until 2005 where she returned to human physiotherapy practice full time.

Over the past 10 years Jane’s specialism in the foot and ankle has grown. She now works in a specialist clinic alongside podiatrists and osteopaths who work as a team to manage complex conditions.

Jane was kind enough to contribute to the foot and ankle course so make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to learn from her wealth of experience. Watch this video to really appreciate the complexities of the foot. It is amazing how small problems such as a painful corn can create a long standing secondary issue.

During this interview a journal paper and a special interest association are mentioned:

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