Dr Michael Rathleff and the Adolescent Knee

The interviews on Physiospot usually tackle large topics or broad questions but this one bucks the trend.

Dr Michael Rathleff is a physiotherapist who is an expert in adolescent patellofemoral knee pain. He is a senior researcher at the University of Aalborg, Denmark where he co-ordinates the musculoskeletal research programme  and one day a week he works as a clinical physiotherapist at Aalborg Hospital.

This is a charming and approachable discussion about adolescent knee pain which is full of useful knowledge and anecdotes around this specific topic.

For more of Dr Rathleff’s work make sure you follow him on twitter, find out about his publications, read his excellent PFJP handout or open access material such as this article and be sure to listen to him speak on this podcast.

This interview was part of our recent knee course which was available to PP+ members.