Why in the World?

Founded in 1951, the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) is the sole international voice for physical therapy, representing more than 350,000 physical therapists worldwide through its 112 member organisations.

In her role as president of the World Congress of Physiotherapy (WCPT) Dr Emma Stokes is the best person to explain how the WCPT, and every physiotherapist around the world, can unite to improve health around the world.

If you haven’t seen the recent Physiospot interview with Dr Stokes then I suggest you do as it’ll lay the foundations to understand the where physiotherapy plays its part in global health.

In a recent article entitled ‘Why in the World?Dr Stokes explains the benefits of having a global physiotherapy organisation which is a voice for its members. A loud voice which is a positive and proactive force for all physiotherapists around the world.

The WCPT recently held a consultation for all of its members aimed at answering a difficult question. “Is there a place for a global physiotherapy organisation in the 21st century?” in other words do we need the WCPT at all and if we do what direction should our profession take and what are the challenges we face.

The results of the consultation contribute to a WCPT strategic plan with aims to create:

  • A global community of physiotherapists, where everyone feels connected
  • A community that has global influence and brings about change to health policy and practice
  • A global community that promotes the unique role and value of physiotherapy
  • An organisation that shares knowledge and
  • An organisation that is fit for purpose.

Here at physiopedia we are as passionate about the global physiotherapy community as the WCPT.

Our mission statement and vision is:

Improving global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge. This is achieved through open knowledge, open education, open qualification, open research; through global sharing and collaboration.

Courses such as the recent global health course, the cerebral palsy MOOC and the lower limb amputee course show how we are changing health around the world already. This year will be our best yet with more courses, more content and more member organisations using our services. We will be better placed than ever to provide education and professional development which is equitable for all. As Dr Stokes puts it “we are stronger together and when we join in…”. We are joining in and so should you.

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