Dr Emma Stokes talks about Global health

Dr Emma Stokes is president of the WCPT as well as a lecturer and researcher of physiotherapy in Dublin. As president of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Dr Stokes is well placed to explain to you the what the multi-faceted role of physiotherapy looks like in the context of global health. As she explains, physiotherapy is a diverse profession and is well placed to contribute to cross-border health issues such as physical well-being throughout life.

There is no blanket definition of what this role is as it is context specific. It is not possible for therapists on opposite sides of the globe to contribute in the same way. They are both in very different systems and are aiming to achieve different health related aims. The principles you can take away from this excellent interview are suited to you no matter where in the world, what specialty or what country you work in. Let Emma enable you to change health for the better around the world.

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Many thanks to Dr Stokes for this interview. We look forward to seeing you in Cape Town!

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