Do You Perform Thrust Joint Manipulation Clinically?

Sally Davies is a physiotherapy who is currently completing her MSc in Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy at Birmingham University. As part of her dissertation she is undertaking a survey into manipulative practice in the thoracic spine within UK Physiotherapists.

The thoracic spine is the most commonly manipulated region of the spine within UK manual therapists. Current literature raises concerns that clinicians may not adequately screen for contraindications and precautions prior to undertaking thrust joint manipulation (TJM) of the thoracic spine, despite there being a higher incidence of unwanted, temporary side effects for patients receiving TJM in the thoracic spine compared to the cervical spine.

Sally is inviting you to take part in her survey if you are a current UK trained Physiotherapist working within a musculoskeletal setting. Participation in this survey will take between 10-15 minutes and there will not be any follow up or further participation once completed. The questions are not aimed to evaluate skill or decision making as a Physiotherapist; they are aimed to provide data so that we can get an overview of thoracic spine TJM practice amongst UK Physiotherapists. For this reason, we ask that you answer the questions openly and honestly.

To complete the survey click here

Any further information you require please do not hesitate to contact Sally via email.