Alessandro Demaio – NCDs and physical activity

Non-communicable diseases kill 38 million people each year with three quarters of these occurring in low-middle income countries. These are disease you cannot catch and are entirely preventable. Physical activity has a huge impact on reducing the burden of cardiovascular, respiratory and obesity related diseases worldwide. Therefore Physiotherapy is well placed to help tip the balance towards a reduction in NCD rates worldwide.

Alessandro Demaio is a medical officer with the WHO working in the department for health and nutrition. He has a massive amount of experience working with NCDs as well as public and global health across the world and has similarities to the mission of Physiopedia.

Alessandro strips back NCDs to its roots with specific mention to the impact of globalisation, obesity and the aging population and what we need to do to combat the effects now. It’s hard to find anyone more qualified to explain, inform and direct how we solve the NCD problem.

Find Alessandro on twitter or on his website. Alternatively read some inspirational blog posts on PLOS.