Facebook Social VR

Facebook social has the potential to revolutionize meetings and productivity.

Facial expression and body language are crucial parts of human interaction and are essential for effective social encounters. Undoubtedly it is necessary for productivity in groups which can make it difficult to produce good working team relationships with team members across the world, sometimes text chats and laggy videos aren’t enough. I’m sure many people have lots of examples  of how frustrating this can be. Thankfully frustration could be a thing of the past with the introduction of Facebook social.

Offering  a fully customization interface with avatars and backgrounds through the use of virtual reality it is more approachable and friendly than standard group chats and videos. It can be fun with a totally immersible sandbox which could enable creativity to flow and break up linear meetings. This is all thanks to technology such as occulus rift.

Undoubtedly this isn’t going to cater for everyone’s tastes however it does take one step closer to making virtual reality available to all.


Follow the link to the launch video.

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