Defining the Role of Physiotherapy in Palliative Care in Multiple Sclerosis.

With increasing prevalence of multiple sclerosis worldwide, India too has transitioned from low to medium prevalence region. This increases the overall burden of a number of people suffering from a chronic progressive disorder. Such scenario underlines the need for an early comprehensive and holistic patient management plan, aiming to provide a better quality of life. The presented case is one such example of a patient-centered, and interdisciplinary team approach for better management of a patient suffering from an incurable, progressive disorder. As physiotherapists tend to spend a considerable amount of time with their patients on a regular basis, it becomes imperative to view all the patient related problems from a wider angle and endeavor to address each of them individually/collaboratively. In a palliative care setting, physiotherapy can no longer be considered as only physical symptom management approach but a patient care approach considering their entire physical, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual needs.

This novel case report shall serve as a guiding strategy for physiotherapists to work in the domain of palliative care.