Bionic Woman to Race Great North Run

57,000 runners will be taking part in the Great North Run on Sunday 11th September, but one competitor will have been running for 5 days.

In 2007 Claire Lomas was involved in a freak and severe horse riding accident which changed her life forever. She fractured a cervical vertebrate, dislocated T4 as well as a pneumothorax and a subsequent pneumonia. The T4 dislocation caused paralysis.

In 2012 Claire became the first paralysed person to walk the London Marathon in a robotic suit, it took 17 days and she raised a staggering £210,000 for Spinal Research. The following year she raised a further £85,000 by hand cycling around England.

Now she is attempting to become the first person to complete the GNR in the same bionic suit. This time she will have official entry and will recieve an official finishing time. Not only this but after walking 3 miles a day she will be visiting local schools and giving inspirational talks.

She hopes to finish alongside the other runners on Sunday which will be a unique experience for both Claire and the runners. This is especially fitting when the Paralympics started this week.