The value of the CoughAssist® in the daily lives of children with neuromuscular disorders: Experiences of families, children and physiotherapists.

The authors explored parents’, children’s and physiotherapists’ experiences of regular CoughAssist® use, along with their perceptions of its value as an adjunct to in their daily, home respiratory management. All children in the care of a specialist neuromuscular service who regularly used a CoughAssist® device at home participated. Qualitative case study methods involved semi-structured interviews with three children with neuromuscular disorders (NMD), their parents and physiotherapist. Data were analysed using thematic content analysis. Participants (n = 9) perceived the CoughAssist® held benefits for physical, social and emotional aspects of living with NMD. Poor adherence was identified as the major barrier to effective use, governed by factors including child’s resistance, time constraints, treatment preference, practitioner support and fear of pressure trauma.

Barriers to regular CoughAssist® use must be identified and individually addressed to enable uptake into respiratory care, accurately measure its effectiveness and realise its perceived benefits to children with NMD.