One Case At A Time #BigPhysioSurvey

Come and get involved in the biggest physiotherapy grand round imaginable.

Launching to coincide with #worldptday on the 8th September the big physio survey aims to capture contemporary physiotherapy practice worldwide by compiling a wide range of practitioner-sourced case studies into one user friendly database. Tell us what you do and how you do it.

A case study is a research approach which generates in-depth, multifaceted information around a particular example within its natural context. It gives you the opportunity to refine and develop your learning and clinical practice with the help of others, with real life context and examples.

The cases you provide do not have to be extreme examples – sometimes the best learning opportunities occur when your strongly held beliefs are challenged.

As made clear by Lorraine DeSouza back in 1997, physiotherapy practice does not utilise descriptive clinical casework anywhere near as effectively as our medical colleagues. This is a shame as clinical work is our bread-and-butter, it is what we do and it is what we are best at. Physiotherapists are some of the best clinicians out there, we should share and shout about that fact. So join in, be proud and most importantly learn from others expert experience.

Submit your case studies here. Perhaps make your case study relevant to world PT day, share with #BigPhysioSurvey.