Help us to Build a Credible Evidence Based Resource for our Global Profession

Shared knowledge and learning is something which the team at Physiopedia are passionate about. Expert knowledge, opinion and experience are one of the most inspirational ways of learning and you can be a part of it. If you would like to make a lasting contribution to the profession globally and learn in a new way, there is an excellent opportunity ahead.

Anatomy is integral to being a successful therapist and Physiopedia recognises this. The Anatomy Content Development Project is pushing the boundary of clinically relevant and accurate peer reviewed resource for those who wish to learn, improve and revise their knowledge. Physiotherapists’ are experts in functional anatomy, everyone has something to offer and we are inviting you to get involved.  Help us to create great physiotherapy specific pages on anatomy (like the ones listed below).  For your contribution you will receive a certificate to evidence your work and know that you have been part of developing this clinically relevant evidence based resource for our profession.

Examples of excellent anatomy pages:

These excellent anatomy pages then go on to become fundamental foundations for other projects like the ICRC Cerebral Palsy Content Development Project and the Spinal Cord Injury Content Creation Project. The projects then culminate in fantastic courses such as the Cerebral Palsy MOOC which are unrivalled learning experiences.

Creating and editing this content is an ideal to way to learn the basics of what Physiopedia has to offer. Consider this as your opportunity to contribute to our profession’s worldwide knowledge database. If you want to get involved in any of these projects then please get in touch via email.

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