REMINDER: The 8th September is World Physical Therapy Day

The toolkit has been released and the date is set so there is no excuse not to get involved.

The main focus is about “adding life to years” which follows on from the WHO world report on ageing and health. By 2050 there will be over 2 billion people aged 60+ and it is most certainly something which will affect us all.

Emma Stokes [President of the WCPT] has rightly said that the…

“World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September is the first opportunity since the adoption of the report for physical therapists to show collectively and across the world how important and impactful the profession is in ensuring healthy and active older people and in optimising functional independence and ability.”

There isn’t a physical therapist out there who wouldn’t agree. If you wish to set up an event then the WCPT suggest communicating with your national body so events can be coordinated.

Don’t forget to get involved with #worldptday on twitter.