Accuracy and Usability of a Self-Administered 6-Minute Walk Test Smartphone Application.

The 6-minute walk test (6MWT) independently predicts congestive heart failure severity, death, and heart failure hospitalizations, but must be administered in clinic by qualified staff on a premeasured course. As part of the Health eHeart Study, an app was developed to validate a self-administered 6MWT mobile application (SA-6MWTapp) for independent use at home by patients. A validation study of an SA-6MWTapp in 103 participants. In phase 1 (n=52), an distance-estimation algorithm for the SA-6MWTapp was developed by comparing step counts from an Actigraph and measured distance on a premeasured 6MWT course with step counts and estimated distance obtained simultaneously from the SA-6MWTapp (best estimation algorithm, r=0.89 [95% confidence interval 0.78-0.99]). In phase 2, 32 participants (including those with congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension) used the SA-6MWTapp independently in clinic, and the distance estimated by the SA-6MWTapp was compared with the measured distance (r=0.83 [95% confidence interval 0.79-0.92]). In phase 3, 19 patients with congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension consecutively enrolled from clinic performed 3.2±1 SA-6MWTapp tests per week at home over 2 weeks. Distances estimated from the SA-6MWTapp during home 6MWTs were highly repeatable (coefficient of variation =4.6%) and correlated with in-clinic-measured distance (r=0.88 [95% confidence interval 0.87-0.89]). Usability surveys performed during the second (in-clinic) and third (at-home) phases demonstrated that the SA-6MWTapp was simple and easy to use independently.

An SA-6MWTapp is easy to use and yields accurate repeatable measurements in the clinic and at home.