The Use of Nintendo Wii in the Rehabilitation of Poststroke Patients: A Systematic Review


Technology is becoming increasingly important and useful for rehabilitation after neurological impairment. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Nintendo Wii (NW) in motor function, balance, and functional independence in the treatment of poststroke patients and to identify which games are commonly used in therapy. This was done through the use of a systematic review of RCTs across well known databases covering articles up to March 31st 2014, the PEDro scale was utilized to ensure high methodology. The 5 studies included for analysis showed that the Wii can provide an improvement of motor function of the individual, but the data are unclear when it comes to the balance and functional independence.

It was concluded that there is little evidence to ensure the effectiveness and support the inclusion of the treatment with the Wii in patients with sequelae caused by a stroke; however, some of the studies analyzed suggest that NW can provide improvement in motor function.