The Big Physio Survey Launches on World Physical Therapy Day!

Today, World Physical Therapy Day, is all about fulfilling potential.  Helping people to live full lives, achieve their goals, and participate fully in society.  But how are we actually doing this? The Big Physio Survey aims to collect a wide picture of the work that our profession actually does.  Not what we say we do but what physiotherapists are actually doing at work in clinical practice with their patients and other beneficiaries.

Many people with long-term health conditions or disabilities lead happy and full lives. But some do not because they do not receive the right kind of support. This waste of human potential has a cost to society, as well as individuals. Physiotherapists are health professionals who have a key role in helping people with long-term conditions achieve their goals, fill their potential and participate fully in society. They work with people to maximise movement and functional ability.

But what is it that we actually do? It’s everyone’s dream to have a database of perfect case studies highlighting good evidence based practice but achieving this is very time and finance consuming.  The idea to collect short quick examples of the work that physiotherapists are doing was first discussed by Ann Green and Lorraine De Souza last year, and now it is happening.

Sponsored by Connect and supported by Physiopedia, The Big Physio Survey aims to provide a rich picture of the everyday work of physiotherapists and we encourage you to get involved.  

  • Sept 8, World Physical Therapy Day – launch awareness  campaign
  • Oct 16, PhysiotherapyUK conference – open The Big Physio Survey to submissions
  • Nov 5, Big Physio Survey event in London – close submission form and final count

The idea of this survey is to document ‘everyday physiotherapy’ rather than just exciting and interesting cases that usually get reported. We will collect case studies from people in many different working environments including clinical practice, education, research and management to provide as broad a picture of contemporary physiotherapy practice as is possible.  It’ll be a quick and simple submission with no preparation required.  Information collected will be published openly on Physiopedia. We hope that you will share one of your physiotherapy events with us.

Register your interest to participate here