Celebrating World Physical Therapy Day

September 8 is just around the corner. This years World Physical Therapy Day theme is “Fulfilling potential” with the goal of outlining the role of physical therapists in helping those with long-term health conditions or disabilities achieve their goal.

On August 28, the WCPT press release discussed how physical therapists play a key role in wellness across the life span. To quote Emma Stokes, WCPT President “The evidence is there in support of the value of physical therapy. Let’s use World Physical Therapy Day to communicate the impact that physical therapy can have on individual lives, and to reach out to politicians and other key decision makers to move our profession closer to fulfilling its full potential in changing the lives of the people we serve.”

So consider taking the time during next week to reach out to past clients, to thank them for choosing your services, for helping and challenging you to be a better clinician. Reflect back on some of the your cases, the funny cases, the odd cases, the challenging patients. Remember those that have repeatedly seen you for various ailments over the years and you two have grown together become a stronger team. Favorably think back at those who repeatedly pick you to be their physical therapists. They know the fit is right and feel comfortable working with you. Remember the patients who came to you without hope of improvement who diligently worked with you to progress towards their goals. Ultimately all of these patients are the ones who make the work that we do valuable.

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