Only 2 weeks until our FREE amputee rehabilitation course! Have you signed up yet?

It’s only two weeks until the ICRC lower limb amputee rehabilitation course starts in Physiopedia on Monday 1st June. Today we have sent out the course joining instructions to nearly 5000 registered participants!

Much of the course involves reading pre-prepared materials and other open resources online.  There is a large component of learning that takes place in the discussion forum where you can meet and converse with your colleagues and fellow students on the course.  This is all complimented by quizzing and case study activities to enhance knowledge development.

General things to know:

  1. This course is being run by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) through Physiopedia.
  2. Funding to create and run this course has kindly been provided by C.R. Equipements.
  3. We currently have nearly 5000 registrants for this course.
  4. You will get to interact, discuss and learn with your peers in over 100 countries.
  5. You will get FREE online access to two textbooks during the course: Therapy for Amputees and Prosthetic Gait Analysis for Physiotherapists.
  6. You will get a certificate of completion from Physiopedia on passing the final assessment and completing the required tasks.
  7. And, most importantly……you will improve your ability and confidence to manage people with lower limb amputation. After all – that is what we all are primarily interested in!

You too can join this course, the first ever open online course on amputee rehabilitation, it is going to be a great learning experience for all!

Here is your 5 step plan for taking part in the course:

  1. Register for the course here.
  2. Read the joining instructions.
  3. Make sure that you complete all the pre-course activities.
  4. Sign up to the course specific Facebook group so that you can participate in the discussions.
  5. Enjoy!!