FREE 6 Week Course on Lower Limb Amputee Rehabilitation

FREE 6 Week Course on Lower Limb Amputee Rehabilitation

Starting 1st June  2015 we will be running a FREE 6 week course on Lower Limb Amputee Rehabilitation. Registration is now open!

This course has been developed with and will be run in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) who support rehabilitation services for amputees worldwide.  Over six weeks we will cover a wide range of theoretical concepts of amputee rehabilitation that can be applied to clinical practice.

The aim of this course is to:

  1. provide participants with general knowledge about lower limb amputation,
  2. present aspects of prosthetics and prosthetic fitting,
  3. highlight the importance of a comprehensive approach of rehabilitation (from pre surgical activities to discharge and follow up),
  4. present the overall rehabilitation process specificities, and
  5. offer a worldwide discussion platform on lower limb amputee rehabilitation.

Much of the course will involve reading pre-prepared materials and other open resources online.  There will be a large component of learning that takes place in the discussion forum where you can meet and converse with your colleagues and fellow students on the course.  This will all be complimented by quizzing and case study activities that you will be required to complete.

We believe that providing a basic theoretical course in amputee rehabilitation is an excellent stepping stone to delivering more time efficient education in higher level knowledge and practical skills for the many workforces globally. This course could also offer the basic theoretical knowledge of amputee rehabilitation for students in advance of more practical based tutorials or courses that are tailored to specific needs.

Course details:

Course Type – Open, Online
Course Reference – PP06
Course Co-ordinators – Barbara Rau, Rachael Lowe
Institution – ICRC and Physiopedia
About this course – This online course covers lower limb amputee rehabilitation.
Who can take part– Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy clincians, students and assistants in priority; other interested professionals such as prosthetists/orthotists, occupational therapists, nurses or medical doctors interested in this subject are more than welcomed to participate.
Date of next course – 1 June 2015
Time commitment – 24 hours over 6 weeks
Requirements – You will complete online learning activities, engage with additional resources, take part in the conversation online and complete the course evaluation.
Assessment – There will be a final quiz and you will be asked to write a case study on an individual with amputation.
Awards – Completion certificate.

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If you are interested in registering your a group of students from your university or clinicians from your workplace, please do let us know so that we can assist you.


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  1. Jack Fenwick says:

    Is it possible to complete the course in less than 6 weeks or is the content split on a weekly basis?

  2. Hi Jack, it is NOT possible to complete this course in less that six weeks. The content is split on a weekly basis and everyone needs to contribute to the weekly discussions.

  3. Jack Fenwick says:

    Ah that’s a shame. No problem thanks.

  4. Katy Herbert says:

    I will be away on holiday for one of the weeks. Will I be at a disadvantage if I miss 1 week? or will I able to still participate?

  5. Does it count for CEUs? Thanks!

  6. Rachael Lowe says:

    HI Lexi, we are hoping that by the time this course is complete it will be accredited by the WCPT for International Physical Therapy CEU’s.

  7. Rachael Lowe says:

    Hi Katy, please see our FAQs for the answer to this question –

  8. farha nisha says:

    I will be away overseas from the 11th May onwards and will will unlikely be able to access the Internet then.
    Will I still be able to complete the course ?
    That falls.on y he 6th week of the course
    Thanks 🙂

  9. farha nisha says:

    Sorry I just realized it runs in June ! So ill be able to do the course no problem

  10. wong swee fong says:

    I read with great interest on the amputee rehabilitation course as i have been managing amputees for the past 4 years. Unfortunately i travelling overseas for the 2 months june till july…i am afraid i cannot have full acess to internet n also will.not be able to be fully commited. Can i still register ? I am really interested

  11. -How do one get the certificate at the end of the program

    -How many hours do I need per day on the internet for this program

    -Must I go online everyday

  12. For the case study at the end of the course, must we have a patient that we are managing in our clinic?

  13. Hello I’m out of station from 27th may to 7th June but I am keen to do this course. Is it possible ?

  14. Lina.Pilaiison says:

    Hi, i am a PO student and i am so interested in this course but during the time that this course will run, i will have class/workshop so is it possible to sent me the copies of the course after it has ended? I know i won’t be eligible for any certificate as i wouldn’t be participating in the actual course!

  15. Rachael Lowe says:

    The course will be openly available to view on Physiopedia after the course has ended. You are welcome to work through the course and use all the resources. The course is not available in paper format. Please note that you will not be eligible for a course completion certificate if you work through it yourself at a later date.

    For answers to all these questions please see the FAQs –

  16. Rachael Lowe says:

    Yes of course. However it is important that you take part in all the discussions as a lot of the learning will take place there. You will also need to complete all the tasks for each week to obtain your certificate of completion. We recommend that you miss no more than 2 weeks as otherwise it will be difficult for you to catch up.

    For answers to all these questions please see the FAQs –

  17. Rachael Lowe says:

    If you aren’t currently working with amputee patients we will be providing some examples for people who aren’t currently working with amputees to use.

    For answers to all these questions please see the FAQs –

  18. Rachael Lowe says:

    The certificate is automated on completion of all the required elements of the course. You can complete the course in your own time at a time that suits you each week.

    For answers to all these questions please see the FAQs –

  19. Rachael Lowe says:

    You are welcome to register and take part when you have internet access.

    For answers to all these questions please see the FAQs –

  20. Hello. Can I do the course although I not speak enough
    I live in England but I still learning English

  21. Good Day. This is Amy, former student of CSPO. I am currently working as aPhysical therapist and a PO at the same time in a military hospital here in manila. Is it possible that our two (2) military personnel be included in the said course. For they really want to have a formal schooling regarding this matter. They are currently working as PO technician in a military hospital. But they really want to have a certificate to strongly certify them that they are capable and able to produce a working devices.I just want to querry when, where and what requirements they will be needing to formally be included in this course? Looking forward to hear from you sir/mam. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Amy Flores, PTRP, PO Cat II

  22. Rachael Lowe says:

    Hi Amy, you are all welcome to sign up for this course and can do so from the link to the registration form at the top of the course website – This page will also give you all the information that you need. However, this course will not certify people to be capable and able to produce prosthetic devices. It is a course that will only provide basic theoretical knowledge of lower limb amputee rehabilitation.

  23. Rachael Lowe says:

    Of course, you are welcome to do the course!

  24. luz karime sossa says:

    Hi, thanks for this courses. In the pre-courses area, the cuestionary of “the pre-course competency tool” is not possible to send because the page not allowed. Its only one answer per row and select one answer too, there are 12 attributes and 10 row only.
    Thanks for yout attention.

  25. Stella Mougkrou says:

    Hi, I’ve done the interest form in the application program but I have not figured out how I find out that my application was accepted

  26. Stella Mougkrou says:

    Hi, I’ve done the interest form in the application program but I have not figured out how I find out that my application was accepted because in the form there wasn’t any place which asks our email or adress.

  27. Nice course! But when do we need to start with the pre-course activities?

  28. You will find the answer to this question in the FAQs –

    When you submitted the form the next screen displays a message that says “Thank you for your registration for the Lower Limb Amputee Rehabilitation Course. We have received your application and will get in touch in mid May 2 weeks before the course is ready to run. You will not receive any other email to confirm your place on this course.” We will contact you at the email address that you submitted on the registration form 2 weeks prior to the course start date.

  29. All registrations for this course are accepted.

    You will find further answers to your question in the FAQs – You will find the answer to this question in the FAQs –

  30. Thanks for letting us know about this, we have amended the form so that it is now working with no problem. Thanks!

  31. Please find the answer to this question in the Introduction of the Pre-Course Activities page –

    You can work your way through these pre-course activities at any time before the course starts. We will email everyone 2 weeks before the course starts with a prompt to start working your way through this page. We will be updating this page until 2 weeks before the course and will also not open the discussion forum until 2 weeks before the course, so regardless of when you first read through this page you will need to return to it in the 2 weeks before the course starts to check that you haven’t missed anything.

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