Reflecting on 2014 and looking forward to 2015!

First of all please let me wish everyone a very happy new year!!  Today will be a day of reflection for many, including us….

2014 has been another amazing year for Physiopedia!  We continue to be amazed by the support and enthusiasm of our collaborators and the direction that the project takes.

This past year we have certainly moved well beyond just being a ‘Wikipedia style resource‘, universally known in our own right as Physiopedia and becoming part of the professional ‘wallpaper’.  Only this week I heard of a student that had never known a world without Physiopedia, and she was surprised to learn that this was a resource unique to her chosen profession.   Also this week I was interviewed by the Open University in relation to research they are conducting on open resources that are building professional community.  The reason they chose to investigate Physiopedia was that we are one of the very few online projects successfully delivering open professional education outside of an institution.  It is evident that we are certainly making a difference.  Earlier in the year we saw examples of direct impact on clinical practice during the open online course that we ran on spinal cord injuries.  To be having this kind of impact is fantastic!  These are the stories that motivate me, the quietly valued use, the contributions to our profession and the appreciation that this amazing project has (and continues) to achieve.

Looking back to a similar New Year post that I wrote last year I remember thinking how ambitious I was being with my predictions for 2014.  Today I am surprised to see that, in one way or another, we have achieved all that I predicted we might.  The reason I think is solely down to the the consistent altruistic commitment from our team. Without our partners and volunteers, as well as Tony and myself ‘in the office’, Physiopedia would not be the amazing professional resource that it is today. 2014 was a BIG year!

In 2014 we:

In 2015, we will:

  • Run more open online courses in collaboration with professional networks, starting with an amputee rehabilitation MOOC in collaboration with ICRC (The Red Cross).
  • Develop more continuing education and professional development opportunities.
  • Create an electronic library of e-text books and journals.
  • Run a facilitated orientation course for new volunteers.
  • Continue to develop partnerships that contribute to our mission.
  • Seek a closer working relationship with national professional associations.
  • Be attending WCPT Congress in Singapore in May, we’ll have a stand, see you there!

So I’ve set us some ambitious goals again for this year and am excited about other opportunities that may arise throughout the year.  Have you set your professional goals yet for 2015?  How will you contribute to our profession this year?

Physiopedia can make this easy for you.  By making one of your 2015 goals a contribution to Physiopedia you will be making a contribution to your profession.  You will be helping us to become the best global example of a professional health care resource, helping us to educate others all over the world, as well as raising the our profession’s identity.  It doesn’t need to take up much of your time, here are some ideas:

Let me know what you decide to do and I will share each and every one of your contributions on our Twitter and Facebook pages.  Thank you in advance for getting involved, together in 2015 we can achieve amazing things!

Email me with your ideas!