Create Physiotherapy Exercises For People with Spinal Cord Injuries Online For FREE!

Do you work with people with spinal cord injuries?  If yes, then this website – Physiotherapy Exercises For People With Spinal Cord Injuries – will be very useful to you.  It is a free resource contains over 950 physiotherapy exercises appropriate for people with neurological conditions.  The overall aim of this website is to optimise the rehabilitation outcomes of physiotherapy programs for people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions. It will enable you to search for exercises appropriate for people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions, select exercises and compile them into booklets for your clients and if you create a logon (this is free), you can save your clients` exercise booklets, edit the text of exercises and format exercise booklets in any way.

Physiotherapy Exercises for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

This website is primarily for the use of physiotherapists responsible for prescribing exercises. It may also be of interest to other health professionals including occupational therapists as well as people with neurological conditions.  It will enable you to search for exercises appropriate for people with neurological conditions, select specific exercises and then compile these into personalised exercise booklets.  It primarily consists of exercises aimed at improving strength, flexibility, function and fitness. Emphasis has been placed on providing exercises that are independent of different philosophical approaches to the treatment of people with neurological conditions. For this reason, there are very few exercises that involve manual handling by physiotherapists. All attempts have been made to ensure the exercises are based on the best available evidence. As new evidence about best practice emerges, the exercises on this website will be updated.

This free website is an excellent resource:

  1. To provide an educational resource. This website provides junior or inexperienced physiotherapists with an array of exercise ideas.
  2. To archive the treatment ideas and training strategies of experienced physiotherapists. This website provides a means by which the treatment ideas and training strategies devised by experienced physiotherapists can be documented for others to use.
  3. To provide physiotherapists with a simple way of compiling personalised and professional-looking exercise booklets for their clients.

The development team, who are also responsible for the free spinal cord injury management e-learning website, have done an amazing job of developing this resource.  It is even available in other and is also available on your mobile devices for optimal use in the clinic.

Take a better look at this resource.

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