Physiopedia is Off to IFOMPT 2012 – The World Congress of Manual and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy!

IFOMPT Conference 2012 with PhysiopediaIt’s finally here, the world gathering of manual and musculoskeletal physiotherapists, and Physiopedia is playing a part!  We’ll be involved in focused symposiums, workshops and more importantly in bringing the event to those that otherwise wouldn’t be able to access it.

On the opening day Rachael Lowe, Founding Director of Physiopedia, will be taking part in a focused symposium on Knowledge Translation and Patient Education.  This focused symposium will  provide the audience with specific examples of how knowledge translation theory can be applied to pain, neck pain and arthritis; provide audience with evidence for the use of patient participation and education in arthritis  and manual therapy and exercise for neck pain; and discuss the use of strategies and tools to translate knowledge to patients and clinicians with specific application to pain, neck pain and arthritis.  More specifically, Rachael’s part will be to describe Physiopedia’s role in all of this.

The next day this will be followed up by a workshop, again with Rachael, on the evolving role of knowledge translation in physiotherapy. This workshop will allow members of the international manual therapy community to understand the evolving role that they can play in openly translating knowledge into practice and give them the skills to do this using the international collaborative physiotherapy wiki, Physiopedia.  Joining us will be Elaine Lonnemann who leads many educational projects in Physiopedia and Jordan Miller who is part of the neck pain toolkit authoring team.  It is targeted towards academics, researchers, and clinicians who are interested in finding new and innovative methods of translating evidence into clinical practice.

Not this but Physiopedia has partnered with IFOMPT to bring you the conference live!  We have a great team of bloggers who will be reporting from the conference, bringing you the keynote lectures, other presentations and their personal experiences from the conference.  If you are unable to attend and make the most of this great networking opportunity you can follow the event here.

It’s time, the IFOMPT conference will soon be upon us!