Synopsis of results from European male ageing study

EMAS is the largest multicenter, population-based study of aging in European men which has allowed us to systematically analyze various aspects of sexual function and ED. The major finding of the study has been that the overall incidence of ED is 30% and 60% of men between 50-60 years are extremely concerned by ED, with concern for ED increasing with socioeconomic development. Organic determinants and, in particular CVD risk factors have been considered the most important pathogenic factors underlying ED, additionally, obesity, CVD, diabetes, and smoking represented risk factors for ED. Further, developing countries are likely to have a higher incidence of prostatic diseases in the older age group, with employment rate and perception of partner’s health as independent risk factors for ED.

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As is recognised by the Rehabilitation 2030 Agenda, the role of physical therapy / physiotherapy in tackling the major health challenges facing the world is now increasingly widely recognised.  Do…