New Global Health Programme Available on Physioplus

We have updated our brilliant global health courses on Physioplus to give you a comprehensive 4 course global health programme.  Each course is available separately as well as in the programme package, so you can collect certificates and CEUs for each course as well as for completing the full programme. Bare in mind thought that each individual course builds on knowledge from the previous so to make the most of the learning opportunity we recommend completing the programme in order.

Aims of the Programme

The aim of this programme of courses is to develop and consolidate your knowledge of the term global health and the meaning of this term to health care practice in all contexts and in particular in relation to physiotherapy.


This programme consists of four separate online courses and an assignment. Let’s take a look at the courses.

Introduction to Global Health
What is Global Health? What do we actually mean by the term, how do we measure it and why is it important. Is it even relevant for us as physiotherapists? Is it a new paradigm or is it just a current trend or fashion? We need to be able to answer these questions in order to understand and develop our role as physiotherapists within this area. This course will examine the emergence of the global health discipline, examine the ways in which global health can be measured and explore the determinants of health.

Introduction to Global Health

Trends and Challenges in Global Health

“The key determinants of health of individuals and populations are the circumstances in which people are born, grow, live, work and age and these circumstances are affected by the social and economic environment.” – Sir Michael Marmot. But what are the biggest Global Health Challenges affecting us? In this course we review emerging trends in global health and take the opportunity to examine in detail some of the major global health issues such as communicable disease, non-communicable disease and the impact of natural disaster and conflict on Global Health.

Trends and Challenges in Global Health

Governance, Health Systems & the Role of the Physiotherapist

Once you understand what global health is and the challenges we face it is important to understand how to tackle them. Without an understanding of the governance of global health this is really difficult therefore in this course aims to ensure a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the complexity of Global Health Governance and essential components of Health Systems.

We will also explore the role of the Physiotherapist in Global Health in the 21st Century.

Global Health Governance & The Physio

Meeting Future Global Health Needs

So far we have covered what we mean by the term “Global Health”, how we measure it and why it is important. We have highlighted many of the challenges facing us and discussed the implications for us and discussed our role as physiotherapists. So, how will we meet future Global Health needs? What might global health needs be in the future. This course will consider the future of global health and examine how we as physiotherapists can continue to play a role in addressing these needs.

Meeting Future Global Health Needs

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