Welcome Brenda Myers who Joins Physiopedia as a Trustee

Physiopedia is excited to announce that Brenda Myers has joined the team as a Trustee.

The legacy Brenda Myers left behind her at the WCPT will never be forgotten. In the words of Emma Stokes, the organisation which she paid a huge commitment to is in a stronger, more secure position to face the future.  During her time as Secretary General for a unprecedented 21 years, WCPT membership grew from 67 to 111 organisations. Furthermore, congresses have become expanded and the Confederation has achieved greater international visibility. Brenda really has been a pioneer of the profession.

Brenda’s leadership, expertise and knowledge in and of the global physiotherapy profession will be invaluable as trustee of Physiopedia. With her guidance we will become a stronger organisation and hopefully we can offer her a new and exciting opportunity.

“Having watched Physiopedia grow over the past 8 years and seen the contribution it makes to the international physical therapy profession, I am looking forward to working with Physiopedia more directly  as a Board member.  I believe that Physiopedia is respected and valued by the profession and I am pleased to be able to support its initiatives to provide universal access to physiotherapy  knowledge.” – Brenda Myers

If you’re interested in learning more about Brenda then please take time to connect with her on LinkedIn.

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